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Healing is coming home.

Health is our natural state of being, emerging out of a fine balance between body, mind, emotion and soul.

My approach is holistic, knowing that every single part contains the whole.

I see every human being on their unique path and my intention is to guide and empower you on the next step(s) of your healing journey towards health and well-being on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational realms of being, as well as on a deeper level to manifest your life's purpose.

Everybody wants to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

And even if this may look very different on the surface, we all encounter similar struggles and challenges on this journey.

Whenever something in our life is not in resonance with the core of our being,

our individual ingenius navigation system will mirror this back to us through various states of dis-ease.

The symptoms of your condition are a (subconsciously) self created invitation.

A doorway to re-enter and re-align with the truth of who you really are.

This journey usually involves some kind of change and transformation in different areas of your life.

Such as diet and self-care, limiting belief systems, habitual protective and reactive patterns, unhealthy relational dynamics and the facing of innermost fears, to name a few.

It is every human beings birthright to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life on earth.

And it is my passion and intention to walk this way with you.

If you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh





work on organs and and body systems ( lymphatic, nervous, digestive, cardio vascular etc)

cellular awareness

(connecting with the information stored in the cells)

work with the DNA strands

reducing of pain, swelling and inflammation

speeding up of recovery time

prevention, followup-care and accompany during surgery and medical intervention

work on non curing injuries

spine cleaning


working with limiting belief systems

(unconsciously formed through childhood and trauma experience)

Shadow work

exploring habitual protective patterns

recreation of a benifitial mindset


Facilitating emotional expression & bringing into flow what is stuck

(fear, anger, shame, grief,rage, hatred etc)

and also experiencing joy, freedom ,lightness and peace

Trauma release


work with lineage and ancestral impact

dissolving unhealty relationship dynamics

exploring the issue in the context of contact with others


cleansing, charging and balancing the energy field (aura)

opening, cleaning and restructuring chakras ( main enegry centers)

removing blocks ans stagnation

spine cleaning


deepening contact with oneself

connect with unique life purpose

work with guides,angels and des-carnate beings

pastlife trauma release

accompany in all sorts of life crisis

spiritual emergency

Claas is a master of the work in the human energy-consciousness system.

His expertise covers a wide range of life circumstances.

Commonly a Healing session will focus on one or more of the following examples:

Usually a Healing enhances joy, vitality and zest for life.

The focus of a session may be on one of the areas shown above, yet those are all interconnected, not separable and influencing each other.

Every session is done in concideration of the wholeness of your being.

Healing will only occur when we face our fears, allowing them to simply be rather than defending against them

 - Barbara Brennan



Since early childhood Claas has a keen sense of the sublte energies and their dymamics between people.

He received his Diploma from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, one of the most prestigeous schools in energy healing worldwide.

Brennan Healing Science represents the solid foundation of his work, which he continually broadens through trainings in Reconnective Healing, Krysantha Healing and sound therapy, as well as through direct inspiration from different healers from all over the world.

His creativity and presence enable him to find the right form for each step of the healing journey, facilitating his clients processes.

Today he is working with people from all over the world.

He is a father of 2 children, loves life, movement, nature and the ocean.


My practice is where I am.

It travels with me.

Holding a sacred space with the capacity for healing and transformation is primarily depending on the skill and competence of the healer, rather than on a particular location.

Thus the HuhuHaha Healing Space varies in form and shape on the outside, while maintaining its quality as a unique place for healing and transformation inside.

The inspiration for the name stems from a popular cartoon, effortlessly bridging the realms of the material and the spiritual plane right here...


Tel: 0176 850 200 48

Claas Neumann

Sessions  in Bremen take place at the YOMA Yogastudio.


What people say

“Claas hat mir sehr dabei geholfen ein neues Lebensgefühl zu entwickeln"

Claudia, Germany

"I consider meeting Claas as an important step in my life. He supported me as a gay man in healing my relationship to men.

He helped me facing the places where I was hiding my energy and where I was lying to myself and others. He held  the process in a safe container and his creativity, sense of beauty, sensitivity and connection to a world of magics probably helped me to feel that safety."

Frederic, Belgium

Claas’s gentle, kind manner supported me to see an issue with greater clarity. I was feeling confused and through my time with Claas I came to see the deeper truth. Claas also asked questions which supported me to step into my truth and power.

Michelle, USA

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